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Dr. Md. Ali Ashraf
Urologist (Urinary)

MBBS, BCS (Health), MS (Urology)

Dr. Md Ali Ashraf is a Urologist in Dhaka.His credentials include MBBS. BCS (Health), MS (Urology).He is employed at Salauddin Specialized Hospital Ltd. He treats his patients at Salauddin Specialized Hospital Ltd. on a regular basis.


Urology is a surgical specialty that deals with the treatment of conditions involving the male and female urinary tract and the male reproductive organs. A urologist might treat bladder problems, urinary tract infections (UTIs), bladder and kidney cancer, kidney blockage, and kidney stones.


  • MBBS - Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery.
  • BCS (Health) - Bangladesh Civil Service.
  • MS (Urology) - Master of Surgery.


  • Consultant - Salauddin Specialized Hospital Ltd.


  • Bladder Control Problems
  • Cystocele
  • Epididymitis
  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
  • Hydronephrosis
  • Kidney Stones
  • Neurogenic Bladder
  • Peyronie's Disease
  • Pyelonephritis
  • Testicular Cancer
  • Ureteral Stricture
  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Urologic Diseases
  • Orchitis
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