A platform for better health

Doctorspedia works to help doctors find patients and patients find the right doctors, hospital and also ambulance services. We aim to build a platform to meet the health needs of everyone: patients, doctors, hospital owners, ambulance service provider, healthcare professionals and other healthcare providers. Patients can get all kinds of hospital services online, including ambulance, doctor, and medical equipment’s. This means that all kinds of medical services are just a click away. This is our effort to create a one-stop healthcare platform for everyone in Asia. Our online platform enables millions of people in Asia to access all kinds of medical and health related issues. We believe that it will help you make the right decision on the matter. Most people in Asia live in villages and small towns, but most of the hospitals, clinics and reputable doctors live in big cities and small towns. It promised to build a bridge "online database" that connects people with doctors, hospitals, ambulances, blood banks, eye banks and other health care providers.

Our goal is to make healthcare access easier for the people of Asia.

Get an ambulance when it's urgent.

The first-ever online platform for renting an ambulance in Bangladesh is now available to you thanks to Doctorspedia. It lessens the inconveniences during crucial times. To get an ambulance to your door at that critical moment, our crew is ready for your call.

With Bangladesh's ambulance service providers, we have established a network. They have been consulted to streamline and digitize the procedure of contracting an ambulance service. Data from hasbd.com was organized so that you could quickly find the closest ambulance to pick up you or someone you care about and take you to your destination. There is a 24-hour service.

Making an appointment with a doctor is easy.

The content on Doctorspedia was created by doctors, for both doctors and patients. The doctors can interact with the patients using this digital media. Hasbd.com's primary goal is to make scheduling a doctor's appointment simple. The website's whole content is focused on the health of patients and the treatment of ailments. To receive the appropriate care at the appropriate time, people can locate the appropriate doctors by searching the website's doctor’s directory. Additionally, by enhancing and establishing their internet reputation, doctors can draw in and keep a larger number of patients.

We have included a range of illnesses in the search fields on Doctorspedia.co to make the site user-friendly. You are allowed to look at the doctor's profile here before scheduling an appointment. Therefore, you may be sure that when you need a checkup or have any medical concerns, you are going to the right doctor.

How to increase your understanding of hospitals

Our website offers a specific page for each hospital so that visitors can fully understand the services offered by that hospital. Using hasbd.com, the hospital maintains and updates its web presence. To better serve its current patients and attract new ones, the hospital is exposed to the appropriate patients at the appropriate time.

Before being admitted to a hospital, people can learn everything they can about prices, fees, and amenities. They gain a better understanding of the cost and service quality while also saving time.

Patients can acquire information from Doctorspedia about where to find the best care. Services vary amongst hospitals. Some hospitals offer ICU and some offer NICU. Some offer extremely uncommon and niche services. People can learn about a specific hospital's service through Doctorspedia which also assists them in making the best choice.

The assistance is free.

Building Doctorspedia is a constant effort that allows us to deliver the best results based on our users' searches. The price and charge for using an ambulance, visiting a doctor, and using a hospital are the same as usual. However, the services we offer, such as hospital and physician details, are unquestionably free.

The health improvement plan

Doctorspedia assists both patients and doctors in finding each other in addition to assisting patients in finding the top doctors and hospital services. To address the demand for everyone's good health, it intends to establish a platform for everyone, including patients, doctors, hospital owners, healthcare employees, and other service providers. Patients can access all hospital services, including ambulances, online, making all medical procedures just a click away. Our objective is to establish a universal one-stop medical platform in Bangladesh. Our online platform, we are convinced, will help millions of Bangladeshis make the best choices possible regarding a range of medical and health-related issues.

Although the majority of Bangladesh's population lives in the countryside and small towns, the majority of hospitals, clinics, and reputable physicians are located in large urban areas. It compelled us to create a "bridge," or internet database, to connect individuals with physicians, medical facilities, ambulances, blood and eye banks, and other suppliers of healthcare. We want to make it easy for people to access healthcare services throughout Bangladesh.