Dr. Ahmed Zahid Hossain | Pediatric Surgeon

Dr. Ahmed Zahid Hossain
Pediatric Surgeon

MBBS, MPH(Epidemiology), MS(Pediatric Surgery)

Consultant , Department of Pediatric Surgery

Bangladesh Specialized Hospital

Dr. Ahmed Zahid Hossain is a Pediatric Surgeon in Dhaka. His credentials are MBBS, MPH in epidemiology, and MS in paediatric surgery. He is employed by Bangladesh Specialised Hospital as a paediatric surgeon specialist. At Bangladesh Specialised Hospital, he treats his patients on a regular basis.


Pediatrics is a discipline that deals with biological, social & environmental influences on the developing child. A pediatrician provides medical care for children who are acutely or chronically ill but also preventive health services for healthy children.


  • MBBS - Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery.
  • MPH(Epidemiology) - Master's in Public Health 
  • MS(Pediatric Surgery) - Master of Surgery.


  • Consultant - Bangladesh Specialized Hospital.


  • Congenital diseases,
  • Pediatric Neurosurgery,
  • Bronchial Asthma Treatment,
  • Vaccination/ Immunization,
  • Development Assessment,
  • Pediatric Solid Tumors,
  • Limping Child,
  • Pediatric Surgery,
  • Neonatal Surgery,
  • Newborn Jaundice,
  • Pediatric Urology,
  • Bronchial Asthma,
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