Collecting samples of COVID-19 is an important step in detecting and fighting the spread of the virus. At the time of collection, a swab is taken from the patient's nose or throat and sent to the laboratory for testing. Our facility follows meticulous and strict protocols to ensure the safety of our staff and patients during the COVID-19 sample collection process. Our team is trained to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) and follow all necessary infection control procedures to prevent the spread of the virus. We understand that getting tested for COVID-19 can be stressful and challenging, but our team is dedicated to providing compassionate care and ensuring our patients have a comfortable and safe experience. We are striving to If you need a sample of COVID-19, please contact us. Our team will guide you through the process and answer all your questions. Together, we can manage the spread of COVID-19 and keep our communities safe and healthy. Please call at +88016 35 6008 35 or feel the below form.

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